Organized in 1962, the founding congregation of Christ Community Bible Church separated from a United Church of Christ denominational body. Although several of those members had family ties dating back many generations, they chose an evangelical faith over theological liberalism. The following is an excerpt from the bulletin of Sunday, February 23, 1964, the day
the church building was originally dedicated:

“ ‘God moves in mysterious ways’ and ‘the Holy Spirit leads in paths wherein men sometimes fear to tread.’ Rev. Henry E. Johnson and a small group of people were soon to learn these two great truths. An adverse decision by his congregation on October 28, 1962 forced Rev. Johnson’s resignation after eight years of faithful Gospel preaching. Was such a ministry in vain? Men might think so, but God may have thought otherwise. “On Wednesday evening, October 31, 1962, Pastor Johnson conducted his last prayer meeting at his former pastorate. Fifty-one souls attended and prayed for guidance. ‘What would become of the pastor and them?’ ‘Attend and join other churches?’ An idea came to someone: ‘Can’t we stick together?’ The group decided: ‘Let’s give it a try!’ As a result of two telephone calls arrangements were made to meet the following Sunday at Pipersville Chapel. At this same Wednesday meeting Harold, Anna and Alvin Terry offered as a gift a piece of ground on the Ridge Road for a building site. The group accepted this gift with deep appreciation.


On Sunday, November 4, 1962, 83 people came to worship at Pipersville Chapel. The offerings were found sufficient to support a minister with the result that Pastor Johnson was called to shepherd the flock. Two weeks later the pastor and six other men were chosen to set up an organization, obtain a charter and draw up a constitution and by-laws. The name Christ Church was selected. Outgrowing the Pipersville facilities, on December 2, 1962 the group moved to Paletown Rod and Gun Club, R.D. 3, Quakertown.


Events moved at a rapid pace in 1963…On February 1st the charter was approved; March 6th Christ Church was officially organized with 92 charter members; March 6th the congregation approved the building plans … Groundbreaking was held April 7th. On June 1st the congregation moved to Dublin Fire Hall to accommodate increasing attendance. Cornerstone laying took place September 22nd. The first service in the new building was held in the basement January 12, 1964. The first service in the auditorium was held February 2, 1964. We praise God for His faithfulness and guidance in this venture. The watchword of Christ Church from the beginning has been and we hope it ever shall be – Wait upon the Lord and He will lead you in the way you should go. (Psa. 62:5; Psa. 32:8). We pray God will keep us faithful to Him and true to His infallible Word and He will use our witness to bring many souls to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ….”

Others joined those original members and we continue to be an unaffiliated fellowship of believers who are fully committed to the fundamental doctrines of the Historic Faith while remaining accepting of those who have differences in distinctive doctrines. At its inception the original name of the church was simply Christ Church. However, in 1981 in an effort to clarify the church’s identity the name was revised to Christ Independent Bible Church. Yet, 25 years later the church was concerned that people may hear “Independent” and not take it to mean “self-governing” or “non-denominational” as was intended; but rather, they would hear “Independent” and take it to mean “stand off-ish” or “isolationists”. And so, in 2006 it was again decided to revise the name of the church. So in recognition of our dependence on Christ, of our desire to make an eternal difference in our community and of the priority of God’s Word in our lives we are now known as Christ Community Bible Church of Upper Bucks.