Recent Sermons

John (#39) Purposely Vague: Why Jesus Doesn’t Just Come Out and Say It

A sermon on John 7:31-36.  Jesus’ cryptic and confusing words.  Faith.  Why does Jesus speak in vague, nondescript terms and riddles?
Matthew 13:1-17, Revelation 10:1-4

The Restraining Power of God’s Perfect Timing

A sermon on John 7:19-30.  A warning for the danger we can often fall into when we attempt to enforce obedience and the restraining power of God’s perfect timing and the encouragement it brings.
Habakkuk 2:1-3, Acts 1:4-8

Special Seminar With Pastor Kris Wint

Too many young people are leaving the faith once they graduate from high school.  Pastor Kris Wint of Finland Mennonite Church shares his story of what he has learned about the causes of this and what his church is doing about it.