Recent Sermons

John #73 Christian Commitment & the Need for an Accurate Self-Awareness

A sermon on John 13:31-38.  The glorification of God in Jesus.  One of the primary litmus tests for identifying believers is if we “love one another as Jesus has loved us”.  The prediction of Peter’s denial.  We may be more willing to die in a blaze of glory then to die to self daily.

Luke 22:14-34

John #72: The Absolute Sovereignty of God Over All – Including Satan’s Schemes

A sermon on John 13:6-30.  Last Sunday’s sermon was also on this text.  This week’s looks at it from the perspective of “Who is regulating the affairs on this earth today – God or the Devil?”  How Satan’s temptations, schemes and plan play right into the hand of God and work to fulfill God’s purposes.  And what belief in God’s sovereignty – even over Satan & evil – means to us and does for us.

Isaiah 45:1-10, Job 1:6-12; 2:1-6; 42:1-6

John #71: Unless I Wash You, You Have No Part with Me…”

A sermon on John 13:6-30.  Vs. 6-11 A washing that must take place if anyone is ever to have any part with Christ.  Vs. 12-17 Understanding the symbolism of foot washing and doing to others what Jesus did with His disciples.  Are you ready to serve others this new year?

Titus 3:1-8, Matthew 26:17-29