Recent Sermons

Acts #2 Waiting in Anticipation for the Holy Spirit & His Power to be Witnesses

A sermon on Acts 1:6-8.  40 days of instruction and the disciples still don’t fully understand the Kingdom of God.  The disciples were to receive power through the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah 32:11-17, Isaiah 42:1-7, Joel 2:28-29

Acts #1 – The Holy Spirit, A New Kind of Baptism & the Birth of the Church

A sermon on Acts 1:1-5.  The purpose of the book of Acts.  Acts is a book of church history.  Luke.  A crash course on the Kingdom of God.  A new kind of baptism, the one without which water baptism means nothing.

Mark 1:2-8, John 15:26-16:16, Acts 19:1-12

When Our Desire for God Disappears (#2)

A sermon on Psalm 42:1-11.  Remember. Preach.  Hope.

Psalm 56:1-13, Psalm 43:1-5