Recent Sermons

John #60 A Belief that Sees, Yet in Seeing Refuses to Believe

A sermon on John 11:45-57.  The religious leaders had two idols, the temple and the nation.  When they heard that Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead they believed it and yet chose to kill Jesus rather than lose their two idols.  What are our idols that we choose over Jesus?

Isaiah 6:9-13, Luke 19:37-44

John #59 – The Key Element of Christian Faith – Spiritual and Physical Resurrection

A sermon on John 11:38-45.  Jesus raises three people from the dead.  The first (a ruler’s daughter) was only dead a few moments.  The second (a widow’s son) was only dead a few hours.  Lazarus was dead for several days.  Lazarus’ physical resurrection was more than just a third major blow to the reign of death in this world.  It was a perfect representation of regeneration and the new birth.  It represents Ephesians 2:1-10.

This sermon ends with an extended presentation of a sermon by George Whitefield on this same text.
Matthew 9:18-26, Luke 7:11-17

John #58 – Empathy, Frustration, Anger & the Gift of Tears

A sermon on John 11:28-37.  There are various emotional responses to losing a loved one.  In this passage Mary wailed at the loss of Lazarus.  Jesus wept as one who mourns with those who mourn and He was indignant at the pain of death, the last enemy.

Romans 12:9-16, Hebrews 4:14-16