Recent Sermons

Special Seminar With Pastor Kris Wint

Too many young people are leaving the faith once they graduate from high school.  Pastor Kris Wint of Finland Mennonite Church shares his story of what he has learned about the causes of this and what his church is doing about it.


John (#37) The Only Way to Know the Truth Is to Do the Truth

A sermon on John 7:14-18.  We can grow in God’s truth by obeying it.
Matthew 7:15-23, Luke 8:19-21, Luke 11:23-28, John 8:31-32

The World, Sin, and Its Hatred for the One Who Pointed Out Its Evil

A sermon on John 7:1-13.  There is a plot to kill Jesus.  Jesus emphasizes that his brothers time frame is not God’s timing.  Jesus did not lie but was on a different time schedule.  Jesus was hated for pointing out others’ evils.
2 Timothy 3:10-13, Psalm 7:1-9