Recent Sermons

Acts #23 There Is Power in the Name of Jesus & Our Part in Making Sure People Know It

A sermon on Acts 3:11-16.  Some of the things miracles say to us.  God’s purpose of bringing glory to Jesus through this miracle.  Using the miracle to point people to Jesus.

Isaiah 42:1-8, Mark 3:22-30, Acts 14:8-18

Acts #22 Peter and the Continuing Threefold Commission of Jesus to Preach, Heal and Drive Out Demons

A sermon on Acts 3:1-10.  Here is another miracle.  The Kingdom of God and its unbreakable connection to miracles.  The disciples continued to follow many of their Jewish spiritual disciplines.  They offered the man a gift far more valuable than money.  Peter had an unquestionable faith, assisted the man to get up and gave glory to God.

Matthew 10:1-10, Luke 9:1-6, John 14:9-14

Christian Life: Relying Fully on God’s Grace

A sermon on Philippians 3:1-11 by guest speaker Jac Filer.  Instead of using human systems and credentials to define and measure each other (like Paul’s seven credentials) instead of putting our credentials in the right perspective.

Psalm 130, Luke 18:18-30